The San Diego Central Seventh-day Adventist Church is called to embrace our diverse community, meet true needs in genuine Christian love, and draw everyone into a vibrant, transforming relationship with God in preparation for the return of Jesus Christ.


At San Diego Central SDA Church, we strive to be real, welcoming, and loving.

We want our church to really feel like a happy family...we don't want to just talk about it, we want to be it!

Our church family is a blend of many cultures and languages, inlcuding Caucasian, Korean, Filipino, Spanish, Chinese, Japanese, African American, Pacific Islander, South American, and more.

We are also a new church that has come together as a result of four pervious church groups merging together to form a new church family on November 5, 2011.

Our church is growing, it is vibrant, and we are excited to be together and grow in Christ together.

Come see what Jesus is doing in our church, as well as in our individual lives.
We want to get to know you!

Hope to see you soon!

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